Our Services

What We Do / Program Setup

Strategy Design, Training, Implementation and Program Management / Development:

  1. We create written plans for each of your client and prospect segments and allocate specific budgets for “Appreciation Marketing” for each group.
  2. We use these guidelines to ensure that either you, your designate(s) or our client support team keep track of when to say thank you, when to send a thank you note, when to offer a discount or maybe even when to send a gift or reward offer.
  3. We train your sales and/or customer service staff to check in personally with customers after the sales process and/or job is finished.  Teach them to seek feedback from customers regarding the sales process, product and service to ensure they had their expectations exceeded (or at least met) and to determine if the product or service fulfilled their objectives.
  4. We continue the training and implementation management of any reparation effort that is warranted to ensure you have an immediate opportunity to correct any problems, make amends, prevent future ones from surfacing and provide customers with a chance to buy additional products and services.


Tool Design, Production, Distribution and Communication Management:

  1. For most companies, sending “hand-written” thank-you notes, with a personalized message specifically geared to each customer, goes a long way toward showing your appreciation and should be considered THE foundational element of their appreciation marketing program(s).
  2. If you sell services, emailing your clients “white-papers” about topics related to what you sell; to broaden their knowledge and help them maximize their prior investments in both your services as well as related products, services and applications ranks a close second.
  3. Social Media Program design and implementation is typically the next area of engagement as this not only permits you to leverage your client and prospect relationships but also enables you to engage the people they have connected you to – the referral candidates you are desiring.  Designing professional social media pages for your company, you and your staff members  and in some cases creating and/or revising their personal pages to maximize their individual reputations and resulting incomes.  Configuring the appropriate links to achieve your communication objectives, writing and posting tweets, status updates, comments on articles, blogs, etc. all fall under this category.

Remember:  Do not make any solicitations or offers other than “let me know if I can help” or these efforts will appear disingenuous.

  1. Once those processes are in place, consider options including taking your high value clients to lunches, dinners or events; creating more expansive and publicized rewards programs; offering “Gold Label” products, services or pricing; or supporting their businesses and charities in a concerted way and don’t discount any medium as creativity has no limits.

Regardless of the approach you begin with, I hope you agree that this is the key to business success in this era and the start of a new beginning for your company and you.

Behind the Scenes Research and Development / ROI Protection Services:

  1. Our planning process is data-centric and statistically proven. Our approach is straightforward and purposefully designed to be a closed loop environment delivering continuous improvement. These steps are designed to enable a successful and ongoing testing and measuring process which benchmarks, enhances and validates the financial performance of your program(s).  In summary, we will show you what your customers want and what you can and can’t afford to give them.
  1. For our more sophisticated clients consolidation and summarization of all internal data sources serve as the foundation for a fully integrated view of your customer base. This, combined with sophisticated house-holding and customer identification, allows us to transform your disparate data sources into an actionable, customized platform. Additionally, our external data sources provide industry leading insights, attitudes and behaviors to enable you to have the most complete view of your customers and the highest level of success.

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