How to Show Customers You Care

For starters you say “thank you” and “please come back”, but when?  How?  How often?

Those answers require thought and commitment and is certainly unique for every type of business and the goals of the individual owners – but consider this philosophically for a moment.

What if you were to use the power of your relationship and the trust your clients have demonstrated in you and your company, with frequent, personalized, non-solicitous contact, to ensure you get as much repeat business, up-sell and cross-sell income and referral revenue as possible?

You could express and whenever possible demonstrate your genuine appreciation and concern for their well-being by recognizing and celebrating important days, occasions and accomplishments in their lives.  By offering solemn remarks, encouragement and support at moments of hardship they may be experiencing.  By rewarding them for their loyalty and commitment to you and your business, etc.

I suspect that you’re already beginning to realize that once those foundational elements are in place and you are enjoying the fruits of that effort, it will be time to think even bigger and consider this:

Today’s buyers are clearly changing, if not evolving. They’re connected. They’re social. They’re in-the-know. They do their research, and they know exactly what they want by the time they’re ready to make a purchase.

But most importantly, today’s buyers are all different from one another — they’re no longer tolerant of a batch-and-blast approach to marketing, sales, or customer service that involves grouping them all together under one umbrella. They’re looking for personalized messaging delivered to them exactly when they need it.  As a result, the companies that can’t cater to these changing buyer demands will find themselves losing sale after sale to their competitors.

This is where customer-centric “Appreciation Marketing” comes into play. By listening to, responding to and ultimately anticipating your customers’ needs, you will increase your repeat business, up-sell and cross-sell revenue and referral income and you’ll do it in the most cost-effective, efficient and down-right easy way possible.

In essence, your clients will be more willing to accept your recommendations and terms unconditionally, resulting in better close rates, increased retention rates and lower cost of sales, while enabling the reduction in your (underperforming) mass marketing budget.

Of course, providing quality products and services and fulfilling your promises at a fair price is critical to finding and keeping customers, because it demonstrates that your appreciation is sincere, but I think it’s clear that those issues become less important as your relationship with your customers and their loyalty for you grows.

So, what now, you ask?

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